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New GSoC project idea about physical memory management
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+GNU Mach is currently suffering from severe limitations caused by the way
+it manages physical memory. For example, since it requires pages to be mapped
+in kernel space in order to be used, the maximum amount of usable physical
+memory is currently around 800MB (or 1.8GB is a 2/2 split is set). And
+because the page allocator is unable to easily return blocks of contiguous
+pages, the kernel has to use virtual memory to provide contiguity.
+But the kernel virtual space is separate from the direct mapping of
+physical memory, so the larger it is, the less physical pages available.
+The size of the kernel space is currently around 200MB, with around 100MB
+for kernel objects. This small size prevents the system from achieving
+scalability, since a panic occurs when the kernel is unable to allocate
+a kernel object such as a port. In addition, the kernel uses mainly tables
+to store IPC rights. When a table is full, it is enlarged through a kernel
+specific version of realloc(). When a file system starts managing many
+files (e.g. because some of their content is cached in physical memory),
+these tables can get big enough to make realloc() fail because of
+The goal of this project is to make as much physical memory available as
+possible for both the kernel and applications, by rewriting the page
+allocator into a buddy allocator to support contiguous block allocations,
+using it directly instead of virtual memory as the backend of the slab
+allocator for kernel objects, and, if time allows it, transform IPC right
+tables (e.g. into radix trees) and get rid of realloc().
+This project requires a good understanding of virtual memory (both physical
+mappings at the MMU level and virtual mappings at the VM level), and strong
+skills in C programming. Note that some work has already been done in the
+X15 project about this, and can be reused as a reference.
+Useful links :
+ * <>
+ * <>
+ * <>
+Possible mentors: Richard Braun