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GSoC 2011.
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# 2011
-This year we're again planning to participate in [Google Summer of
-Code]( under the GNU umbrella.
+We're in! The GNU Hurd project will again participate in the [Google Summer of
+Code]( under the [GNU
+On Monday, 2011-03-28 the *student application period* will
+the deadline is on Friday, 2011-04-08. That is plenty of time for discussing
+your applications -- but please don't wait to the last minute!
## Applying for a Task
@@ -25,15 +31,13 @@ Google Summer of Code) to mind our distinct [[student_application_form]].
We have a list of [[project_ideas]], and students are likewise encouraged to
submit their own project proposals.
-The Google Summer of Code 2011 has not yet started; we will later announce the
-beginning of the students' application phase. However, working on one of these
-projects is still a good opportunity to get started with Hurd development, even
-outside of the GSoC context.
Please read up about [[contributing]] in general;
and feel free to ask any questions you might have at one of our [[regular_IRC_meetings|IRC#regular_meetings]].
Generally it's a good idea to [[contact_us|communication]] when starting to work on some project.
+Working on one of these projects is generally a good opportunity to get started
+with Hurd development, even outside of the GSoC context.
# History