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[[!meta title="Google Summer of Code"]]
-# 2009
+# 2010
-The GNU Hurd project this year unfortunately is not in the list of accepted
-mentoring organizations.
-However, don't despair! This doesn't mean that you'd not be allowed to work on
-your favorite GNU Hurd project. For one, there's the possibility that a slot
-for your project can be allocated under the [auspices of the GNU
-project]( Second, we're of course
-always open to introducing newcomers to the world of the GNU Hurd outside of
-any Google Summer of whatever project. Just pick a task from the list pointed
-to below on this page and get in touch with us!
-<!-- The GSoC 2009 student application time has come to an end -- we
-are now evaluating your applications. -->
-The applications have been evaluated and the following student has
-been accepted:
- * [[Sergiu Ivanov|scolobb]]
+We are again applying as an organisation this year. You can take a look at the
+drafts for the [[organization_application]], the [[student_application_form]],
+and the [[project_ideas]] list.
# History
@@ -42,6 +27,8 @@ getting one slot each year.
In 2008 we successfully participated on our own, no longer within the GNU
project. Read about our five students' success on the [[2008]] page.
+In 2009 we participated under the GNU umbrella with one slot again.
# Joining in