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is included in the section entitled [[GNU Free Documentation
-There is an expanding community of people developing and running GNU/Hurd
+There is an ever expanding community of people developing and running GNU/Hurd
+systems! This page tries to list all the places on the Web where we commonly hang out.
[[Communication]] -- How communication and coordination works within the group.
@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@ Further ways of getting in contact or getting information:
# Hurd User Groups
* [[THUG]] - Toronto (GNU/)Hurd User Group
-* [[CHUG]] - California Hurd User Group
+* [[CHUG]] - Californian HUG
* [[DHUG]] - Dunedin (GNU/)Hurd User Group
-* [[HurdBr]] - Hurd Br is a brasilian, portuguese speaking, HUG
-* [HurdEs](
-* [](
-* [HurdIt](
+* [[HurdBr]] - Brasilian, portuguese speaking, HUG
+* [HurdEs]( - Currently down. Spanish HUG
+* []( - Currently down. French HUG
+* [HurdIt]( - An Italian speaking HUG