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cgit -> git I added some info on the systemd and Upstart pages. I added some links to other multiserver OSs. some tweaks to the systemd and upstart wiki pages. more info added to the genode OS page. I added a GNU Shepherd page.
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@@ -14,7 +14,11 @@ Some of these are explained in the [[hurd/critique]].
Even though they're quite popular in the simpler embedded space, there is no
successful true multi-server [[microkernel]] system for general-purpose desktop
-use yet. This is still an ongoing research effort. (TODO: add references.)
+use yet. This is still an ongoing research effort. Also the Hurd is not the
+only multiserver operating system. Other examples include:
+[[Genode OS|]] (FOSS), [[MINIX 3|]] (FOSS),
+[[HELON OS|]] (FOSS), and [[QNX|]]
Likewise, resource scheduling in distributed operating system kernels is a
research topic. For example, read more about it on the relevant [[Open Issues