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Put nsmux in line with the other translator pages.
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vacation). The project however was hampered by various misunderstandings,
wrong assumptions, and several major redesigns during the course of the work
-- which is probably more our fault than the student's. In the end, though, he
- completed nsmux (the main namespace proxy handling the magic filename
+ completed [[hurd/translator/nsmux]] (the main namespace proxy handling the
+ magic filename
lookups, running dynamic translators on demand); he still works on
finishing the translator stack filtering necessary to implement some of the
desired functionality (accessing files while skipping existing translators).
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@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ Read about translator [[short-circuiting]].
* [[cvsfs]]
* [[tmpfs]]
* [[procfs]]
-* [[nsmux|translator/writing/nsmux]]
+* [[nsmux]]
* ...
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