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Mention configure stuff coming from libtool
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@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ If separate case is needed, make sure to put *-gnu* *after* *-linux*:
because else *-gnu* would catch i386-pc-linux-gnu for instance...
+Note: some of such statements are not from the source package itself, but from aclocal.m4 which is actually from libtool. In such case, the package simply needs to be re-libtoolize-d.
## <a name="Undefined_bits_confname_h_tt_mac"> Undefined `bits/confname.h` macros (`PIPE_BUF`, ...) </a>
If macro `XXX` is undefined, but macro `_SC_XXX` or `_PC_XXX` is defined in `bits/confname.h`, you probably need to use `sysconf`, `pathconf` or `fpathconf` to obtain it dynamicaly.