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@@ -98,6 +98,16 @@ A: Because ext2fs is libdiskfs-based (see HURDLIBS = diskfs in ext2fs/Makefile).
Other translators are libnetfs-based or libtrivfs-based. grep for RPC names into
those according to what your translator is based on.
+Q: How do I know which translator the RPC gets into?
+A: Check the type of file whose port the RPC was made on. Most files are handled
+by the translator which is mounted where the files are opened. Some special
+files are handled by particular translators:
+* PF_LOCAL/PF_UNIX sockets are served by /hurd/pflocal, see [[hurd/networking]]
+* PF_INET sockets are served by /hurd/pfinet, see [[hurd/networking]]
+* named sockets (aka fifo) are served by /hurd/fifo
# See Also
* [[Mach RPC|microkernel/mach/rpc]]s