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Drop xattr project idea, it's done
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-[[!meta title="Implement xattr Support"]]
-Extended attributes (xattr) are a standardized, generic method for storing
-additional metadata along with a file (inode). Most modern UNIX filesystems
-support xattrs.
-In general, xattrs should be used sparingly, as they are less transparent than
-data stored as explicit file contents; however, there are some cases where they
-really make sense. The Hurd's variant of ext2 presently uses some additional
-fields in the inode to store Hurd-specific metadata: most notable passive
-translator settings. As these fields are Hurd-specific, they can't be accessed
-by the standard methods from Linux for example, so it's not possible to fully
-work with a Hurd filesystem on GNU/Linux (copy, backup etc.); and also, even
-when on Hurd, only tools that explicitly support the Hurd-specific information
-can handle them.
-Using extended attributes instead of custom fields for the Hurd-specific
-information would be very helpful.
-The most important goal of this project thus is to make the Hurd ext2fs server
-able to store and read the Hurd-specific information with extended attributes
-instead of the custom fields, so it become accessible from other systems. Being
-able to access the information through the standard xattr API instead of
-Hurd-specific calls is also desirable. (And in turn requires implementing the
-generic xattr API first, which can be useful for other purposes as well.)
-Completing this project will require digging into some parts of the Hurd, but
-it should be quite doable without previous Hurd experience. Some experience
-with xattrs might help a bit, but shouldn't be really necessary either.
-Some previous work on xattr support is [[available|open_issues/xattr]], and
-might serve as a starting point.
-Possible mentors: Justus Winter (teythoon), Samuel Thibault (youpi)
-Exercise: Implement support for different inode sizes (other than 128 bytes) in
-Hurd's ext2fs.