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@@ -14,9 +14,7 @@ A *microkernel* is one kind of a [[kernel]] implementation.
<!-- The link below is commented out because I'm not sure if the server is permanently down or if it's temporary -->
<!-- [[Liedtke]] explains in [On Microkernel Construction]( -->
-[[Liedtke]] explains in [On Microkernel Construction](
-(or from [TU Dresden](,
-or from [ACM](
+[[Liedtke]] explains in [On Microkernel Construction](*
that a microkernel attempts to minimize the mandatory part of the operating
system by providing the minimal number of [[mechanism]]s that
maximize the flexibility of implementation (by imposing minimal
@@ -54,3 +52,5 @@ A 2002 article about [[microkernel_FUD|FUD]] (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
# External Links
* [[!wikipedia Microkernel]] on Wikipedia
+* *(or from [TU Dresden](
+or from [ACM](