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[[!meta title="Hurd Developers"]]
The Hurd has very few people working on it. This is a list of people who are (or were) large contributors to the project.
+<!-- Who the heck is the current maintainer, anyway? Schwinge? Thibault? -->
-* Samuel Thibault - Maintainer
-* Thomas Bushnell - Original maintainer
-* Joshua Branson - Developer
-* Richard Braun - Owner of
+* Thomas Schwinge - Maintainer
+* Samuel Thibault - Developer
+* Joshual Branson - Developer
+* Marcus Brinkman - Co-author of the Critique
+* Neal H. Walfield - Co-author of the Critique
* Manolis Ragkousis - Hurd support for Guix
+* Richard Braun - Owner of
+* Thomas Bushnell - Original maintainer
+* [See the full list at Savannah](
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You can thus think of it as an equivalent of the "blue screen of the death" or
"Oops"... except that it's just an error! It doesn't take your whole system
away with it, only the particular operations that was going on.
+The term "Buy the farm" is synonymous to "Kick the bucket," meaning "to die". More specifically, "Bought the farm" was used by the US Air Force to denote a *fatal crash*. To say "Computer bought the farm" is simply saying "Your computer crashed".
+Sure, we could just say "Crash!", but then again, so could the Air Force.
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# Current Status
-The latest releases are **GNU Hurd 0.9**, **GNU Mach 1.8**, **GNU MIG
+The latest releases are **GNU Hurd 0.9**, **GNU Mach 1.8**, and **GNU MIG
1.8** [[(Release Notes)|news/2016-12-18-releases]], 2016-12-18.
The Hurd is developed by [[a few volunteers in their spare time|faq/how_many_developers]].