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Update gcc testsuite info
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-Testing on GNU/Hurd is blocked on
-TODO. On GNU/Hurd, it is advisable to reboot after having built and installed
-GCC, before running the testsuite, as otherwise there seems to be a tendency
-that the system crashes during the `gcc.c-torture/compile/limits-structnest.c`
-tests, which are rather memory hungry, see [[!message-id
-""]]. Likewise, it also seems advisable to add
-further reboots in between, that is, separate `make check`'s `check-host` into
-several separate runs, and then one for `check-target` (see
-`[build]/Makefile:do-check`, `[build]/gcc/Makefile:CHECK_TARGETS`), as
-otherwise there seems to be a tendency for the system crashing sooner or later.
-(Running `check-host` accumulates to something like 44 hours worth of
-forking/execing of GCC and testcases.) On GNU/Linux we run it in one go, so
-that we'll catch any fundamental rearrangements of/additions to the testsuites.
$ make -k check 2>&1 | tee log_test
@@ -911,6 +895,9 @@ coulomb.SCHWINGE.
## Analysis
+ A lot of the failures are due to gcc's unwind support not knowing about signal trampoline on GNU/Hurd, this is a TODO.
$ toolchain/logs/process gcc test
* PTYs