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The GNU System is. It is nothing that "will be"
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# <a name="The_GNU_Operating_System"> </a> The GNU Operating System
-The GNU Operating System, or GNU System as it is more commonly known, will be a
+The GNU Operating System, Commonly referred to as simply "The GNU System", is a
complete [[Unix]]-like operating system composed entirely of [free
software]( The creation of the GNU
System is one of the goals of the [GNU Project](, which was
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ including [[POSIX|]], modularity, and
respecting user freedom. Many of these goals are things that the GNU/Hurd can
resolve, however the GNU/Hurd is not the most stable operating system yet.
-If you are looking for a production ready GNU system, then Debian GNU/Hurd may
+If you are looking for a production ready GNU system, then [[hurd/running/Debian]] GNU/Hurd may
not be the best choice for you. Debian GNU/Hurd currently lacks 64-bit support,
many device drivers, sound support, SMP, and a few other essential bits that
provide a flexible operating system.