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[[!meta date="YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM UTC"]]
-<!-- This is just a skeleton. Use it to create a new QotH. -->
-A quarter of the Hurd, Q3/Q4 of 2012: *pthreads*, *installation CDs*,
-*hardware* and *porting*.
+Two quarters of the Hurd, Q3 and Q4 of 2012: *libpthread conversion*,
+*installation CDs*, *hardware compatibility*, *porting*.
[[!if test="included()" then="""[[!toggle id=full_news
text="Details."]][[!toggleable id=full_news text="[[!paste id=full_news]]"]]"""
@@ -53,7 +51,7 @@ Also Samuel Thibault
new [installation
-and a new [qemu image](
+and a new [QEMU image](
Additionally to using pthreads, these now offer keyboard layout configuration.
In [[glibc]],
@@ -75,21 +73,21 @@ Samuel Thibault improved [network card
on busses other than 0 and 2.
-And several people ported and fixed packages, further increasing the number of
-debian packages which work on the Hurd: *Svante Signell* ported
+Several people ported and fixed packages, further increasing the number of
+[[hurd/running/Debian]] packages that work on the Hurd: *Svante Signell* ported
-[xplc]( and
-[rrdtool]( and
-[gdb]( Also he
-fixed [yodl](, fixed
+[yodl](, and fixed
[ntpdate]( to work
again and
@@ -102,13 +100,13 @@ stdout](,
[glibc]( which
among others improve POSIX conformance, making it easier to write programs
-which work on the Hurd and GNU/Linux. And he made the test pass for [FIFO
+which work on GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux. And he made the test pass for [FIFO
sockets]( with
mknod and
[added]( a
-size parameter to tmpfs for easier usage in scripts and a [version suffix
+size parameter to [[hurd/translator/tmpfs]] and a [version suffix
option]( for
-gnumach configure. *Cyril Roelandt* fixed a
+GNU Mach's configure script. *Cyril Roelandt* fixed a
[ps]( bug, a
documentation typo [in
ps]( and a
@@ -119,7 +117,7 @@ procfs](
compilation error with older GCC versions due to duplicate type definition.
*Ole Streicher* fixed a bug in the Makefile of ftools-fv which was
[exposed]( by testing
-on Hurd. And *Samuel Thibault*
+on Hurd. *Samuel Thibault*
[removed]( the
out-of-date floppy-warnings in the debian installer.
@@ -142,6 +140,4 @@ define interfaces for implementing in a distributed multi-server fashion the
services a traditional operating system kernel provides. [[More
-<!--see [[contributing/web_pages/news/writing_the_qoth]] for additional information on writing the QotH.-->