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documentation/translator_primer: Be clearer about the actual meaning of settrans -g...
I hope this doesn't make it harder to follow. Considering the non-obvious option semantics of settrans, I think it's crucial for newcomers to get the meaning right from the very beginning!
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@@ -41,7 +41,11 @@ Then you setup the translator /hurd/hello in the file/node hello.
After that you check the contents of the file, and the translator returns "Hello World!".
-To finish it, you tell the translator to go away from the file "hello" via "settrans -g hello" and verify that now the file is empty again.
+To finish it,
+you remove the translator from the file "hello"
+(and tell any active running instances to go away)
+via "settrans -g hello".
+Having done that, verify that now the file is empty again.
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