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<braunr> a restriction on ipc that only allows reliable transfers across
network to machines with same arch and endianness
<braunr> etc..
- <rah>
- <rah> please take note of the fact that this newly created page is not just
- a dump of IRC logs
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-30
- <braunr> rah: i'm uncomfortable with a page about x15 on the wiki ...
- <braunr> there is a reason i don't want to advertise it for now
- <braunr> and you're just completely ignoring it
- <rah> braunr: detailed information about x15 is already included elsewhere
- in the wiki
- <braunr> rah: really ?
- <rah> braunr: there is a section named "X15" on this page:
- <braunr> rah: oh ok, but it's still small and hard to find ;p
- <rah> braunr: "small"?!
- <rah> braunr: the X15 section starts at about 10% down the page and
- finishes at the bottom of the page
- <rah> braunr: and the page is huge
- <braunr> rah: hm ok, but that's still listed as mach deficiencies, not as
- x15 itself
- <rah> braunr: I heard about x15
- <rah> braunr: I wanted to learn about it
- <rah> braunr: there was no easily accessible information for doing so
- <rah> braunr: it's not unreasonable to want to learn about it, having heard
- about it
- <rah> braunr: others will want to learn about it
- <azeem_> rah: please respect the developer's policy of how to advertise
- their project
- <rah> braunr: having learned about it myself, I've helped those who will
- follow me by giving them the summary that I wanted
- <rah> azeem_: I'm not disrespecting the developer's policy of how to
- advertise their project; I'm not advertising their project
- <azeem_> rah: maybe replace the wiki page by "If you would like to know
- about X15, please contact <your email>"
- <rah> azeem_: that's ridiculous
- <braunr> rah: then ask me directly
- <braunr> rah: don't make wiki pages
- <rah> braunr: I don't understand what you mean
- <rah> braunr: I have already asked you directly
- <rah> braunr: I needed to ask you directly in order to make the wiki page
- <azeem> rah: braunr does not like your wiki page, how hard is it to
- understand?
- <rah> azeem: my discussion is with braunr, not you
- <braunr> rah: if someone wants to know more about x15, he can me directly,
- no need for a wiki page
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-01
- <rah> braunr: that's hyperbole; there's no "need" for a wiki, or for x15 or
- even for the Hurd
- <rah> braunr: a wiki page is helpful
- <rah> useful, even
- <braunr> rah: as azeem said, i'm just not willing to advertise outside this
- channel for now
- <braunr> it makes sense to mention it in the defficiencies page, since this
- page talks about what's lacking in gnumach
- <braunr> and the wiki is about the hurd, including gnumach
- <rah> braunr: why does it make sense to mention it in the deficiencies page
- but not in a dedicated page?
- <braunr> rah: because gnumach is a hurd project, x15 isn't
- <rah> braunr: what do you mean by "a hurd project"?
- <rah> braunr: you're saying that x15 differs from gnumach in some way, and
- that this difference is the reason it doesn't make sense to have a wiki
- page devoted to x15; the phrase you've used to descibe that difference is
- "a hurd project" but it's not clear what, exactly, you mean by that
- <rah> braunr: could you explain what you mean by that?
- <azeem> rah: this is getting off-topic, please take this conversation
- elsewhere
- <rah> azeem: that's a very tenuous statement
- <rah> azeem: I think this is the appropriate place to discuss the matter
- <azeem> I leave that to braunr to decide
- <rah> azeem: I think *you* don't want the conversation to be had at all and
- are attempting to censor it using a tenuous excuse
- <azeem> no no, I'm not censoring it - I am just saying you should take it
- elsewhere
- <braunr> let's take it elsewhere
+## Summary
+Created on 2013-09-29 by wiki user *BobHam*, *rah* on IRC.
+> The x15 microkernel is under development by Richard Braun. Overall, x15 is intended to provide better performance because of simpler IPC and data structures and better scalability because of improved data structure algorithms and concurrency.
+> The following specific features are intended to distinguish x15 from other microkernels. However, it should be noted that the microkernel is under heavy development and so the list may (and almost certainly will) change.
+> * SMP support
+> * Lockless synchronisation à la RCU
+> * Support for large amounts of physical memory. GNU Mach does the same as Linux, physical memory is mapped in kernel space so you can't have more physical memory than you have kernel space which is why GNU Mach can't handle more than 1.8G right now, it's a 2/2 split. In x15, the kernel maps what it needs and can map it from anywhere in physical memory the drawback is that it needs to update kernel page tables more often.
+> * Virtual memory operations are planned to be completely concurrent on x15, similar to what is described in radixvm
+> * Intended to efficiently run a Hurd-like system providing a POSIX interface
+> * Providing both synchronisation IPC and signals, as opposed to just synchronisation IPC
+> * Port names which will transparently identify as file descriptors
+> * Light reference counting
+> * A restriction on IPC that only allows reliable transfers across network to machines with same arch and endianness
+> * etc.
## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-12