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# Git repositories on darnassus
[[darnassus|public hurd boxen]] is
-**meant to be**
[[configured|public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus]] in a way so that users
-can publish Git repositories from their home directories. The only thing to do
-is to put an empty `.git/git-daemon-export-ok` (cf. [*git daemon*'s manual
-page]( into
-the repository, or just `git-daemon-export-ok` for
-For example, the [[contributing/web_pages]] repository is made available like
-this: `~hurd-web/hurd-web.git` is a bare repository; there is an empty
-`~hurd-web/hurd-web.git/git-daemon-export-ok` file. Users can clone the
-repository like this:
+can publish Git repositories in /var/lib/git. It is recommended to store the
+repositories in the home directory and create links in /var/lib/git since /home
+is much larger than the root file system. All repositories in /var/lib/git are
+automatically exported. A gitweb interface (that also provides git:// and
+http:// clone URLs) is available at <>.
- $ git clone git://
# Git repositories on flubber