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FUSE in this case though... it doesn't really change the functionality of
the VFS; only rearranges the tree a bit
<antrik> (might even be doable with standard Linux features)
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-25
+ <braunr> because it has design problems, because it has implementation
+ problems, lots of problems, and far too few people to keep up with other
+ systems that are already dominating
+ <braunr> also, considering other research projects get much more funding
+ than we do, they probably have a better chance at being adopted
+ <rah> you consider the Hurd to be a research project?
+ <braunr> and as they're more recent, they sometimes overcome some of the
+ issues we have
+ <braunr> yes and no
+ <braunr> yes because it was, at the time of its creation, and it hasn't
+ changed much, and there aren't many (any?) other systems with such a
+ design
+ <braunr> and no because the hurd is actually working, and being released as
+ part of something like debian
+ <braunr> which clearly shows it's able to do the stuff it was intended for
+ <braunr> i consider it a technically very interesting project for
+ developers who want to know more about microkernel based extensible
+ systems
+ <antrik> rah: I don't expect the Hurd to achieve world domination, because
+ most people consider Linux "good enough" and will stick with it
+ <antrik> I for my part think though we could do better than Linux (in
+ certain regards I consider important), which is why I still consider it
+ interesting and worthwhile
+ <nowhere_man> I think that in some respect the OS scene may evolve a bit
+ like the PL one, where everyone progressively adopts ideas from Lisp but
+ doesn't want to do Lisp: everyone slowly shifts towards what µ-kernels
+ OSes have done from the start, but they don't want µ-kernels...
+ <braunr> nowhere_man: that's my opinion too
+ <braunr> and this is why i think something like the hurd still has valuable
+ purpose
+ <nowhere_man> braunr: in honesty, I still ponder the fact that it's my
+ coping mechanism to accept being a Lisp and Hurd fan ;-)
+ <braunr> nowhere_man: it can be used that way too
+ <braunr> functional programming is getting more and more attention
+ <braunr> so it's fine if you're a lisp fan really