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<braunr> i'll add traces to know which step causes the error
-### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-12-11
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-12-11
<youpi> braunr: mktoolnix seems like a reproducer for the libports thread
priority issue
@@ -1273,7 +1273,7 @@ Most of the issues raised on this page has been resolved, a few remain.
<youpi> that's it, yes
-### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-03-01
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-03-01
<youpi> braunr: btw, "unable to adjust libports thread priority: (ipc/send)
invalid destination port" is actually not a sign of fatality
@@ -1284,6 +1284,34 @@ Most of the issues raised on this page has been resolved, a few remain.
<braunr> weird sentence, agreed :p
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-14
+ <gnu_srs> Hi, when running check for gccgo the following occurs (multiple
+ times) locking up the console
+ <gnu_srs> unable to adjust libports thread priority: (ipc/send) invalid
+ destination port
+ <gnu_srs> (not locking up the console, it was just completely filled with
+ messages))
+ <braunr> gnu_srs: are you running your translator as root ?
+ <braunr> or, do you have a translator running as an unprivileged user ?
+ <braunr> hm, invalid dest port
+ <braunr> that's a bug :p
+ <braunr> but i don't know why
+ <braunr> i'll have to take some time to track it down
+ <braunr> it might be a user ref overflow or something similarly tricky
+ <braunr> gnu_srs: does it happen everytime you run gccgo checks or only
+ after the system has been alive for some time ?
+ <braunr> (some time being at least a few hours, more probably days)
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-07-05
+ <braunr> ok, found the bug about invalid ports when adjusting priorities
+ <braunr> thhe hurd must be plagued with wrong deallocations :(
+ <braunr> i have so many problems when trying to cleanly destroy threads
### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-03-11
<braunr> youpi: oh btw, i noticed a problem with the priority adjustement
@@ -1296,6 +1324,171 @@ Most of the issues raised on this page has been resolved, a few remain.
<youpi> uh
<youpi> indeed
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-07-01
+ <youpi> braunr: it seems as if pfinet is not prioritized enough
+ <youpi> I'm getting network connectivity issues when the system is quite
+ loaded
+ <braunr> loaded with what ?
+ <braunr> it could be ext2fs having a lot more threads than other servers
+ <youpi> building packages
+ <youpi> I'm talking about the buildds
+ <braunr> ok
+ <braunr> ironforge or others ?
+ <youpi> they're having troubles uploading packages while building stuff
+ <youpi> ironforge and others
+ <youpi> that happened already in the past sometimes
+ <youpi> but at the moment it's really pronounced
+ <braunr> i don't think it's a priority issue
+ <braunr> i think it's swapping
+ <youpi> ah, that's not impossible indeed
+ <youpi> but why would it swap?
+ <youpi> there's a lot of available memory
+ <braunr> a big file is enough
+ <braunr> it pushes anonymous memory out
+ <youpi> to fill 900MiB memory ?
+ <braunr> i see 535M of swap on if
+ <braunr> yes
+ <youpi> ironforge is just building libc
+ <braunr> and for some reason, swapping is orders of magnitude slower than
+ anything else
+ <youpi> not linking it yet
+ <braunr> i also see 1G of free memory on it
+ <youpi> that's what I meant with 900MiB
+ <braunr> so at some point, it needed a lot of memory, caused swapping
+ <braunr> and from time to time it's probably swapping back
+ <youpi> well, pfinet had all the time to swap back already
+ <youpi> I don't see why it should be still suffering from it
+ <braunr> swapping is a kernel activity
+ <youpi> ok, but once you're back, you're back
+ <youpi> unless something else pushes you out
+ <braunr> if the kernel is busy waiting for the default pager, nothing makes
+ progress
+ <braunr> (eccept the default pager hopefully)
+ <youpi> sure but pfinet should be back already, since it does work
+ <youpi> so I don't see why it should wait for something
+ <braunr> the kernel is waiting
+ <braunr> and the kernel isn't preemptibl
+ <braunr> e
+ <braunr> although i'm not sure preemption is the problem here
+ <youpi> well
+ <youpi> what I don't understand is what we have changed that could have so
+ much impact
+ <youpi> the only culprit I can see is the priorities we have changed
+ recently
+ <braunr> do you mean it happens a lot more frequently than before ?
+ <youpi> yes
+ <youpi> way
+ <braunr> ok
+ <youpi> ironforge is almost unusable while building glibc
+ <youpi> I've never seen that
+ <braunr> that's weird, i don't have these problems on darnassus
+ <braunr> but i think i reboot it more often
+ <braunr> could be a scalability issue then
+ <braunr> combined with the increased priorities
+ <braunr> if is indeed running full time on the host, whereas swapping
+ issues show the cpu being almost idle
+ <braunr> loadavg is high too so i guess there are many threads
+ <braunr> 0 971 3 -20 -20 1553 305358625 866485906 523M 63M * S<o
+ ? 13hrs /hurd/ext2fs.static -A /dev/hd0s2
+ <braunr> 0 972 3 -20 -20 1434 125237556 719443981 483M 5.85M * S<o
+ ? 13hrs /hurd/ext2fs.static -A /dev/hd0s3
+ <braunr> around 1k5 each
+ <youpi> that's quite usual
+ <braunr> could be the priorities then
+ <braunr> but i'm afraid that if we lower them, the number of threads will
+ grow out of control
+ <braunr> (good thing is i'm currently working on a way to make libpthread
+ actually remove kernel resources)
+ <youpi> but the priorities should be the same in ext2fs and pfinet,
+ shouldn't they?
+ <braunr> yes but ext2 has a lot more threads than pfinet
+ <braunr> the scheduler only sees threads, we don't have a grouping feature
+ <youpi> right
+ <braunr> we also should remove priority depressing in glibc
+ <braunr> (in sched_yield)
+ <braunr> it affects spin locks
+ <braunr> youpi: is it normal to see priorities of 26 ?
+ <youpi> braunr: we have changed the nice factor
+ <braunr> ah, factor
+ <youpi> Mm, I'm however realizing the gnumach kernel running these systems
+ hasn't been upgraded in a while
+ <youpi> it may not even have the needed priority levels
+ <braunr> ar euare you using top right now on if ?
+ <braunr> hm no i don't see it any more
+ <braunr> well yes, could be the priorities ..
+ <youpi> I've rebooted with an upgraded kernel
+ <youpi> no issue so far
+ <youpi> package uploads will tell me on the long run
+ <braunr> i bet it's also a scalability issue
+ <youpi> but why would it appear now only?
+ <braunr> until the cache and other data containers start to get filled,
+ processing is fast enough that we don't see it hapenning
+ <youpi> sure, but I haven't seen that in the past
+ <braunr> oh it's combined with the increased priorities
+ <youpi> even after a week building packages
+ <braunr> what i mean is, increased priorities don't affect much if threads
+ porcess things fast
+ <braunr> things get longer with more data, and then increased prioritis
+ give more time to these threads
+ <braunr> and that's when the problem appears
+ <youpi> but increased priorities give more time to the pfinet threads too,
+ don't they?
+ <braunr> yes
+ <youpi> so what is different ?
+ <braunr> but again, there are a lot more threads elsewhere
+ <braunr> with a lot more data to process
+ <youpi> sure, but that has alwasy been so
+ <braunr> hm
+ <youpi> really, 1k5 threads does not surprise me at all :)
+ <youpi> 10k would
+ <braunr> there aren't all active either
+ <youpi> yes
+ <braunr> but right, i don't know why pfinet would be given less time than
+ other threads ..
+ <braunr> compared to before
+ <youpi> particularly on xen-based buildds
+ <braunr> libpthread is slower than cthreads
+ <youpi> where it doesn't even have to wait for netdde
+ <braunr> threads need more quanta to achieve the same ting
+ <braunr> perhaps processing could usually be completed in one go before,
+ and not any more
+ <braunr> we had a discussion about this with antrik
+ <braunr> youpi: concerning the buildd issue, i don't think pfinet is
+ affected actually
+ <braunr> but the applications using the network may be
+ <youpi> why using the network would be a difference ?
+ <braunr> normal applications have a lower priority
+ <braunr> what i mean is, pfinet simply has nothing to do, because normal
+ applications don't have enough cpu time
+ <braunr> (what you said earlier seemed to imply pfinet had issues, i don't
+ think it has)
+ <braunr> it should be easy to test by pinging the machine while under load
+ <braunr> we should also check the priority of the special thread used to
+ handle packets, both in pfinet and netdde
+ <braunr> this one isn't spawned by libports and is likely to have a lower
+ priority as well
+ <braunr> youpi: you're right, something very recent slowed things down a
+ lot
+ <braunr> perhaps the new priority factor
+ <braunr> well not the factor but i suppose the priority range has been
+ increased
+ <youpi> braunr: haven't had any upload issue so far
+ <youpi> over 20 uploads
+ <youpi> while it was usually 1 every 2 before...
+ <youpi> so it was very probably the kernel missing the priorities levels
+ <braunr> ok
+ <braunr> i think i've had the same problem on another virtual machine
+ <braunr> with a custom kernel i built a few weeks ago
+ <braunr> same kind of issue i guess
+ <braunr> it's fine now, and always was on darnassus
## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-12-05