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2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtActually, we need '--prefix='.
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2011-08-03 Andrew Engelbrechtbuild GM headers and code in same dir. explain bug.
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtMIG and Gnumach should be build in subdirectories
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtSeparate 32 and 64 bit instructions
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtRearanging, mentioned static lib
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtMade deb source name generic
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2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtNoted diff in instructions for 32 and 64 bit
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtUpdated commands for building gnumach
2011-08-03 Andrew EngelbrechtRearranged instructions for building gnumach
2011-08-01 Samuel Thibaultgnumach and mig are now in git, not cvs anymore
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