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2011-10-10news: Use the ``slim'' layout, too.Thomas Schwinge
2011-02-05news: Don't sort by title, but by publication date (default).Thomas Schwinge
Add missing publication dates to news articles.
2011-02-05news/2010: Markdown-ify. Publish.Thomas Schwinge
Ideally, we would have used the original texinfo code, and filtered it through [[!format text """[...]"""]], but that doesn't work, as there apparently is some interference between pre-processing hooks of different plugins, and thus the result doesn't look like it should.
2009-05-18Simplify some links.Thomas Schwinge
2009-05-18Prefix directives.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-22Tidy inline directives.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-05News item machinery.Thomas Schwinge