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2011-08-03rename build directories to 'build'Andrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03Actually, we need '--prefix='.Andrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03missed a spotAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03generalize mig install instructionsAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03no need to "find" what's under your noseAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-04mig/building: Refer to the correct Git repo listing, not the dummyantrik
2011-08-03improved some wordingAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03Improved line wrapping for 2 pagesAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03MIG and Gnumach should be build in subdirectoriesAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-03Separate 32 and 64 bit instructionsAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-02Question: is --host flag always needed?Andrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-02Make clarification about building with 64 bitAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-02Mention 32 bit lib, also autoreconf; formattingAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-02Separate Debian and non-Debian build instructionsAndrew Engelbrecht
2011-08-01gnumach and mig are now in git, not cvs anymoreSamuel Thibault
2010-12-13``Some'' Mach documentation.Thomas Schwinge
2010-05-20Add links to OSF documents to Mig documentationCarl Fredrik Hammar
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2009-05-18Diplay open issues that are appropriately tagged.Thomas Schwinge
2009-01-10MIG's dealloc and dealloc[] flags.Thomas Schwinge
2008-12-09Some initial documentation about MIG's ServerCopy flag.Thomas Schwinge
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