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2019-12-10Refer to a newer version of Arch HurdMutoShack
2019-08-27Fix broken link via WayBackMutoShack
2019-03-25Remove "old" copyrightMutoShack
2019-03-25add -no-reboot to the kvm commandMutoShack
2019-03-24Divide sectios with <hr>MutoShack
2019-03-24Add titleMutoShack
2019-03-24Specify PDF fileMutoShack
2019-03-24Fixed typoMutoShack
2019-03-24Add linksMutoShack
2019-03-24Add linkMutoShack
2019-03-24Change IRC logs from h2 to h3MutoShack
2019-03-24Add linkMutoShack
2019-03-24Removed manual copyright, as commenting it out did not fix it.MutoShack
2019-03-24Don't know if "GNU/" has to be specified in this particular instanceMutoShack
2019-03-24Fixed title bugMutoShack
2019-03-24Added titleMutoShack
2019-03-24Make link to freenode.netMutoShack
2019-03-24Raw pasted IRC logs should not wrapMutoShack
2019-03-24Squash listMutoShack
2019-03-24Be more specific on Arch HurdMutoShack
2019-03-24Add HR rule over h1 tagsMutoShack
2019-03-22Turn some text to headers. Add opening paragraphMutoShack
2019-03-21(no commit message)MutoShack
2019-03-21Cleanup, add info, rearrangeMutoShack
2019-03-21Cleanup, fixed a 404 (wayback)MutoShack
2019-03-20Add information for KVM-deprived usersMutoShack
2019-03-20Turn some instructions into "list" itemsMutoShack
2019-03-20Fix a missused hash characterMutoShack
2019-03-20Cut instructions down to multiple lines for easy copyingMutoShack
2019-03-20The GNU System is. It is nothing that "will be"MutoShack
2019-01-26I added a few paragraphs to the GNU System page.IkiWiki
2019-01-05Fix using netdde's eth0Samuel Thibault
2018-10-30Documentation page now shows how to download all of the irc logs. the lwip pa...Joshua Branson
2018-10-29I fixed two misspellings. I combined the information in the "instant developm...Joshua Branson
2018-08-27Remove old non-existing download areaSamuel Thibault
2018-06-09Update qemu image URLsSamuel Thibault
2018-05-25Fix URLSamuel Thibault
2016-12-04Merge commit '45e529318e9963a4df0a900bd7b5bd29a6412183'Thomas Schwinge
2016-09-17Use symbolic nameSamuel Thibault
2016-09-04more details about builddsSamuel Thibault
2016-09-04more details about builddsSamuel Thibault
2016-08-28Complete commit 1f6eff (Drop -no-kvm-irqchip)Samuel Thibault
2016-07-06Add more tricks for chrootsSamuel Thibault
2016-06-08Merge commit 'e25d4ea07b09e7e6df61777988c1fc104f0a538e'Thomas Schwinge
2016-05-28update debian-ports URLSamuel Thibault
2016-05-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'savannah/master'Thomas Schwinge
2016-04-20updateSamuel Thibault
2016-03-17Merge commit '38eb772d6b62b6678f11a8ce2c8e25cec8000804' into HEADThomas Schwinge
2016-03-16drop problem that is now fixedSamuel Thibault
2016-03-16use kvm, not qemuSamuel Thibault