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2014-11-17mention fixing fdisk partition namesSamuel Thibault
2014-10-25TODO: add a relatime option to ext2fs, shouldn't be very hardSamuel Thibault
2014-09-25Formatting. Link to Debian bug #762677.tschwinge
2014-08-13Add UTIME_NOW, UTIME_OMIT TODOsSamuel Thibault
2014-06-11mention the RPC namesSamuel Thibault
2014-03-27fix linkteythoon
2014-03-27add libfuse to the small hacks listteythoon
2014-03-25Add tool to trace system callsSamuel Thibault
2014-03-09IRC.Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'darnassus--hurd-web/master'Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26Merge commit 'c954f1095918874c73511ffc13f95eef518a8043'Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26Merge commit '9985efe1e82157e09035f44ab1db0a88c9d7d63a'Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26hurd/fsysopts: New page.Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26Merge commit 'ff1b4ffd162fb0cc70cd474e88ea199f07f6022b'Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-26IRC.Thomas Schwinge
2014-02-24the gunzip and bunzip2 code blobs have been removed, remove item from small h...teythoon
2014-02-24task_set_name has been implemented, remove from small hacks listteythoon
2014-02-02TODO: NX protectionSamuel Thibault
2014-02-02TODO: the console should use layout/variantSamuel Thibault
2014-02-02Add TODO: disks overs 2TiBSamuel Thibault
2014-01-28pfinet is now fine with netdde going awaySamuel Thibault
2013-10-27Updates after the Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 release.Thomas Schwinge
2013-10-22Add small hack entry about fixing /proc/self.teythoon
2013-10-22Add small hack entry about moving the mount/umount logic to libshouldbeinlibc.teythoon
2013-10-13Some translators do not support fsysopts, should be relatively easySamuel Thibault
2013-09-26Typo fixes.Thomas Schwinge
2013-09-26Merge commit '99f7a42c80813fcbec01277ceb13a82f7f4421c7'Thomas Schwinge
2013-09-26Merge commit 'ce4899ded119f3607515cc54252c4bad7224f804'Thomas Schwinge
2013-09-25IRC.Thomas Schwinge
2013-09-21document a bit about virtio driversSamuel Thibault
2013-09-15Point people at using libz/libbz2 in libstoreSamuel Thibault
2013-03-01use more savannah shortcutsPino Toscano
2013-03-01Pino Toscano did itSamuel Thibault
2013-02-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'savannah/master'Thomas Schwinge
2013-02-03Add itemSamuel Thibault
2013-02-03More itemsSamuel Thibault
2013-02-03More informationSamuel Thibault
2013-02-03Add hacking entries for people who just miss code entry paths for diving into...Samuel Thibault
2013-01-05starter for doc writerSamuel Thibault
2012-10-05drop packages with no rdepsPino Toscano
2012-08-18Drop done itemsSamuel Thibault
2012-07-12hurd/running/qemu/writeback_caching: New.Thomas Schwinge
2012-02-04added link to kvm FAQ
2011-10-11news/2011-q2-ps <Debian>: Formulate goal more realistically.Thomas Schwinge
2011-07-23contributing: Reorder some things about Debian GNU/Hurd.Thomas Schwinge
2011-07-22contributing: Add "porters wanted" listantrik
2011-07-21contributing: Restructure a bit.Thomas Schwinge
2011-07-20link the Wheezy todo listSamuel Thibault
2011-06-21FIX: bad linkArne Babenhauserheide
2011-06-21link porting from contributingArne Babenhauserheide