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2014-03-09ymlfront: Force use of YAML::Syck.Thomas Schwinge
2010-11-26.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Workaround for YAML strings containing ]].Thomas Schwinge
2010-11-25Update to b329454a41390ca8b3f31215d62542a27e6a8b80 of <git:// Schwinge
2010-09-17Merge branch 'getfield-fix-dependency'Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-17.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (get_other_page_field_value): Depend on u...Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-13.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (field_set_template_values): Don't redefine ...Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-09.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (get_other_page_field_value): Add a depen...Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-09Add (part of) YAML field infrastructure.Thomas Schwinge
2010-06-09.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ New.Thomas Schwinge
2008-09-30Rewrite and in order to make them work properly.Thomas Schwinge
2007-12-16.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Delete; ikiwiki's `edittemplate' ...Thomas Schwinge
2007-11-09Fix <;a=commitdiff;h=cd4bc7c58086bbd61a2260...Thomas Schwinge
2007-11-08First version of a GNU Texinfo rendering plugin. Written by Thomas Schwinge ...Thomas Schwinge
2007-11-08Use more consistent Perl syntax.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Add (and enable) a `copyright' plugin, a copy of the `license' one.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Rework, to not duplicate the `meta' plugin's ``license'' facility.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30First version of a `license' plugin. Use it.Thomas Schwinge Make it works as expected.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30First version of a `fill_empty_page' plugin.Thomas Schwinge