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2014-03-09ymlfront: Force use of YAML::Syck.Thomas Schwinge
2010-11-26.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Workaround for YAML strings containing ]].Thomas Schwinge
For now, all [[!ymlfront [...]]] directives shall be at the end of the files.
2010-11-25Update to b329454a41390ca8b3f31215d62542a27e6a8b80 of ↵Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-17Merge branch 'getfield-fix-dependency'Thomas Schwinge
2010-09-17.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (get_other_page_field_value): Depend on ↵Thomas Schwinge
use_page, not other_page.
2010-09-13.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (field_set_template_values): Don't redefine ↵Thomas Schwinge
if the field already has a value.
2010-09-09.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ (get_other_page_field_value): Add a ↵Thomas Schwinge
dependency for the page from which we get the value.
2010-09-09Add (part of) YAML field infrastructure.Thomas Schwinge
New files copied from a2482475a7ed0b6f54df10a87a8665e2361f3598 of <git://> by Kathryn Andersen <>.
2010-06-09.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ New.Thomas Schwinge
2008-09-30Rewrite and in order to make them work properly.Thomas Schwinge
2007-12-16.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ Delete; ikiwiki's `edittemplate' ↵Thomas Schwinge
plugin is to be used now.
2007-11-09Fix ↵Thomas Schwinge
<;a=commitdiff;h=cd4bc7c58086bbd61a2260e405eb7cb00134140c>: ``500 Internal Server Error'' with *Preview* when creating new pages.
2007-11-08First version of a GNU Texinfo rendering plugin. Written by Thomas Schwinge ↵Thomas Schwinge
<>. See <> for details.
2007-11-08Use more consistent Perl syntax.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Add (and enable) a `copyright' plugin, a copy of the `license' one.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Rework, to not duplicate the `meta' plugin's ``license'' facility.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30First version of a `license' plugin. Use it.Thomas Schwinge Make it works as expected.Thomas Schwinge
The previousversion would agagin overwrite the content of the page with the template's content as soon as the page is being saved or previewed.
2007-08-30First version of a `fill_empty_page' plugin.Thomas Schwinge