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@@ -29,4 +29,4 @@ a recompilation of the code that contains the port leak. Currently,
it is a prototype. If you are looking for a port leak, I'd love you
to try it though:
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@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
< teythoon> I came across some paper about process reincarnation and
created a little prototype a while back:
- < teythoon>
+ < teythoon>
< teythoon> and I looked into restarting the exec server in case it
dies. the exec server is an easy target since it has no state of its own
< teythoon> the only problem is that there is no exec server around to
@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
< teythoon> braunr: the server can store a checkpoint using the
reincarnation_checkpoint procedure
< teythoon>
< teythoon> uh >,< sorry, pasted twice
< braunr> oh ok
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@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@ License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
<antrik> that must be new then
<teythoon> might be, yes
<braunr> antrik: debian currently disables both the global and thread
timeouts in libports
<braunr> my work on thread destruction consists in part in reenabling