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-The magic translator provides `/dev/fd`.
+The `magic` translator returns magic retry results, which are then resolved by
+[[glibc]]'s *name lookup* routines.
+# `/dev/fd`.
$ showtrans /dev/fd
/hurd/magic --directory fd
@@ -20,3 +26,253 @@ individually like this:
$ ls -l /dev/fd/0
crw--w---- 1 bing tty 0, 0 Nov 19 18:00 /dev/fd/0
+# `/dev/tty`
+ $ showtrans /dev/tty
+ /hurd/magic tty
+## Open Issues
+### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-06-18
+ <XTaran>
+#### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-06-19
+ <XTaran> youpi: -- Is
+ that realistic? If yes, can someone of you test it? I though would expect
+ that if /dev/tty exists everywhere, it's a chardev everywhere, too.
+ <youpi> that's not impossible indeed
+ <youpi> I've noted it on my TODO list
+#### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-06-20
+ <pinotree> youpi: wrt the /dev/tty existance,
+ <pinotree> For the build logs, demonstrate that /dev/null and /dev/tty
+ exist:
+ <pinotree> ls: cannot access /dev/tty: No such device or address
+ <youpi> uh?!
+ <youpi> ah, ENODEV
+ <youpi> so that's what we was thinking, no tty -> no /dev/tty
+#### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-09-20
+ <XTaran> Hi. zsh still FTBFS on Hurd due to some test failure:
+ -- IIRC I checked last
+ time on some porterbox and couldn't reproduce the failure there. Any
+ insight if /dev/tty is not accessible on the buildds inside the chroot?
+ Or is it no character device there? I checked on strauss and there it is
+ a character device.
+ <XTaran> My only other option to debug this (didn't think of that yesterday
+ before the upload unfortunately) would be to override dh_auto_test with
+ "ls -l /dev/tty; dh_auto_test". Do you think that would be helpful?
+ <pinotree> i see /dev/tty on exodar, in the root system and in the chroot
+ <XTaran> pinotree: And it is a character device?
+ <XTaran> ... in both cases?
+ <pinotree> crw--w---- 1 pino tty 0, 0 Sep 20 10:20 /dev/tty
+ <pinotree> yes
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Hrm.
+ <pinotree> (/dev in the chroot is a firmlink to the system /dev, iirc)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: What is a firmlink? :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: /dev/tty belongs to your user in the example above.
+ <pinotree> something between a (sym)link and an union mount
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Is it possible that /dev/tty is not visible if the
+ buildd runs without a connected terminal?
+ <pinotree> that i'm not sure
+ <XTaran> I see.
+ <pinotree> wouldn't it be possible to skip only that check, instead of the
+ whole test suite?
+ <pinotree> maybe something like
+ <pinotree> tty=$(find /dev/ -name 'tty*' -type c -print)
+ <pinotree> if [[ -n $tty ]]; then / [[ -c $tty[(f)1] && ! -c $zerolength ]]
+ / else / print -u$ZTST_fd 'Warning: Not testing [[ -c tty ]] (no tty
+ found)' / [[ ! -c $zerolength ]] / fi
+ <pinotree> (never used zsh, so please excuse me if i wrote something silly
+ above)
+ <XTaran> re
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Yeah, sure. That would be one way to get the thing
+ building again, if that's really the cause.
+ <pinotree> i guess it would find any of the available tty* devices
+ <pinotree> it does that for block devices, why not with tty devices, after
+ all? :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: I just wonder if the failing test is because the test
+ doesn't work properly on that architecture or because it indicates that
+ there is a bug in zsh which only is present on hurd.
+ <pinotree> wouldn't the change proposed above help in determining it?
+ <XTaran> If I'm sure that it's a broken test, I'll try to disable that
+ one. If not I'd report (more details) to upstream. :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Oh, indeed.
+ <pinotree> if you get no warning, then a tty device was found with find
+ (using its -type c option), so the failing condition would be a zsh (or
+ maybe something in the stack below) bug
+ <pinotree> with the warning, somehow there were no tty devices available,
+ hence nothing to test -c with
+ <XTaran> So basically doing a check with dash to see if we should run the
+ zsh test.
+ <pinotree> dash?
+ <XTaran> Well, whatever /bin/sh points to. :)
+ <pinotree> ah, do you mean because of $(find ...)?
+ <XTaran> Ah, right, -type c is from find not /bin/sh
+ <XTaran> pinotree: That's my try:
+ <pinotree> o_O
+ <pinotree> isn't that a bit... overcomplicated?
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Yeah, it's a little bit more complicated as the tests
+ itself are not pure shell code but some format on their own.
+ <pinotree> why not the "thing" i wrote earlier?
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Actually it is what I understand you wanted to do, just
+ with more debug output. Or I dunderstood
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Actually it is what I understand you wanted to do, just
+ with more debug output. Or I understood your thing wrongly.
+ <pinotree> <pinotree> tty=$(find /dev/ -name 'tty*' -type c -print)
+ <pinotree> <pinotree> if [[ -n $tty ]]; then / [[ -c $tty[(f)1] && ! -c
+ $zerolength ]] / else / print -u$ZTST_fd 'Warning: Not testing [[ -c tty
+ ]] (no tty found)' / [[ ! -c $zerolength ]] / fi
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Yeah, I know.
+ <pinotree> that is, putting these lines instead of the current two
+ tty=/dev/tty + following
+ <pinotree> imho that should be fit for upstream
+ <XTaran> pinotree: You mean inside C02cond.ztst?
+ <pinotree> yep
+ <XTaran> pinotree: No, IMHO that's a bad idea.
+ <pinotree> why?
+ <XTaran> pinotree: That file is to test the freshly compiled zsh. I can't
+ rely on their code if I'm testing it.
+ <pinotree> uh?
+ <pinotree> the test above for -b is basically doing the same
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Indeed. Hrm.
+ <pinotree> that's where i did c&p most of it :)
+ <XTaran> So upstream relies on -n in the testsuite before it has tested it?
+ Ugly.
+ <pinotree> if upstream does it, why cannot i too? :D
+ <XTaran> pinotree: You've got a point there.
+ <XTaran> Ok, rethinking. :)
+ <pinotree> otoh you could just move the testcase for -n up to that file, so
+ after that you know it works already
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Well, if so, upstream should do that, not me. :)
+ <pinotree> you could suggest them to, given the -n usage in the -b testcase
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Looks alphabetically sorted, so I guess that's at least
+ not accidentially.
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Ok, you've convinced me. :)
+ <pinotree> :D
+ <XTaran> Especially because this is upstream-suitable once it proved to fix
+ the Hurd FTBFS. :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: The previous upstream code (laast change 2001) instead
+ of the hardcoded /dev/tty was btw "char=(/dev/tty*([1]))", so I suspect
+ that the find may work on Cygwin, too.
+ <XTaran> s/aa/a/
+ <pinotree> ah, so that's that comment about globbing on cygwin was
+ referring to
+ <XTaran> Yep
+ <pinotree> cool, so incidentally i've solved also that small issue :9
+ <pinotree> :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: I hope so. :)
+ <XTaran> Then again, I hope, external commands like find are fine for
+ upstream.
+ <pinotree> then they should rework the already existing testcases ;)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Ah, I fall again for the same assumptions. :)
+ <XTaran> Seems as I would really build test suites with a different
+ approach. :)
+ <pinotree> nothing bad in that, i'd say
+ <XTaran> I'd try to make the tests as far as possible independent from
+ other tools or features to be sure to test only the stuff I want to test.
+ <XTaran> Warning: Not testing [[ -c tty ]] (no tty found)
+ <XTaran> Interesting. I didn't expect that outside a chroot. :)
+ <pinotree> where's that?
+ <XTaran> pinotree: A plain "debuild on my Sid VM.
+ <pinotree> ah
+ <XTaran> Linux, amd64
+ <XTaran> (and Debian of course ;-)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Ah, my fault, I kept upstreams char= but didn't change
+ it in your code. :)
+ <pinotree> hehe
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Will be included in the next zsh upload. But I don't
+ want to upload a new package before the current one moved to testing (or
+ got an RC bug report to fix :-)
+ <pinotree> oh sure, that's fine
+ <XTaran> pinotree:
+ <XTaran> (I've reverted my previous commit)
+ <pinotree> \o/
+#### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-09-30
+ <XTaran> Anyone knows why the building of zsh on ironforge restarted? It
+ was at something like "building 4h20m" when I looked last and it now is
+ at "building 1h17m" but there's no old or last log, so it does still look
+ like the first build.
+ <pinotree> most probably got stuck
+ <XTaran> Oh, ok.
+ <XTaran> pinotree: So there are cases where the log is not kept?
+ <pinotree> looks so
+ <youpi> when the machine crashes, yes :)
+ <XTaran> youpi: Ooops. Was that me?
+ <youpi> no, I just rebooted the box
+ <youpi> I didn't easily find which process to kill
+ <XTaran> Ok. Then I'll check back tomorrow morning if pinotree's fix for
+ zsh's test suite on hurd worked. :)
+ <youpi> it seems to be hung on
+ /build/buildd-zsh_5.0.2-5-hurd-i386-vO9pnz/zsh-5.0.2/obj/Test/../Src/zsh
+ <youpi> ../Src/zsh ../../Test/ztst.zsh ../../Test/Y02compmatch.ztst
+ <XTaran> :(
+ <XTaran> At least pinotree's patch worked as it then likely passed
+ C02cond.ztst. :)
+ <XTaran> youpi: For how long? There are multiple tests which take at least
+ 3 seconds per subtest.
+ <youpi> one hour already
+ <XTaran> Ok.
+ <XTaran> That's far too long
+#### IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-10-01
+ <XTaran> pinotree: I've just checked
+ manually: Your fix unfortunately seemed not to help, but another test
+ failed, too, and that one came later and was hence suspected as primary
+ failing issue.
+ <XTaran> pinotree: But "+ find: `/dev/tty': No such device or address"
+ gives some hint. I just have no idea, why find issues that message.
+ * XTaran really wonders how that message can be caused.
+ <XTaran> So find sees /dev/tty, but gets an error if it tries to access
+ (maybe only stat) it while not being connected to a terminal.
+ <XTaran> Bingo: This reproduces the issue (note the missing -t option to
+ ssh): ssh "find /dev/ -nowarn -maxdepth 1 -name 'tty*'
+ -type c -ls"
+ <XTaran> Even clearer: $ ssh "ls -l /dev/" | grep 'tty$'
+ <XTaran> ls: cannot access /dev/tty: No such device or address
+ <XTaran> ?????????? ? ? ? ? ? tty
+ <XTaran> I'd say this is a bug somewhere deep down, either in libc or the
+ kernel.
+ <pinotree> or in the console translator
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Never heard of that so far. :)
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Someone from zsh upstream suggests to use /dev/null or
+ /dev/zero instead of /dev/tty* -- will try that for the next upload.
+ <pinotree> ah right, /dev/null should be standard POSIX
+ <XTaran> I hope so. :)
+ <pinotree> check in POSIX
+ <pinotree> in any case, sorry for the troubles it is giving you...
+ <XTaran> pinotree: I'm more concerned about the hanging second test. I
+ think I can get that test working with using /dev/null.
+ <XTaran> Now that I've understood why the original test is failing.
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Shall I write a bug report for that issue? If so,
+ against which package?
+ <pinotree> XTaran: not sure it is worth at this stage, having a clearer
+ situation on what happens could be useful
+ <pinotree> it is something that can happen sporadically, though
+ <XTaran> pinotree: Well, it seems a definitely unwanted inconsistency
+ between what the directory listing shows and which (pseudo) files are
+ accessible. Independently of where the bug resides, this needs to be
+ fixed IMHO.
+ <pinotree> sure, nobody denies that
+ <XTaran> pinotree: I'd call it easily reproducible. :)
+ <pinotree> not really
+ <XTaran> ... once you know where to look for.