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+# Internally
+## `*_demuxer` Functions
+ * IRC, unknown channel, unknown date
+ <jim-crow> what is a main idea of _demuxer functions in translators?
+ <neal> jim-crow: Think of a web server.
+ <neal> jim-crow: A typical web server must process many different requests.
+ <neal> jim-crow: There are different types of requests.
+ <neal> jim-crow: For instance, static pages and dynamically gnereated content.
+ <neal> the static pages are processed by one function
+ <neal> and the dynamic pages by another
+ <neal> the thing that makes the decision which of these functions to pass the request to is the demuxer.
+ <jim-crow> neal: ok, I see
+ <jim-crow> but what is actually it doing in trivfs_demuxer?
+ <neal> it looks at the message id and calls the right server stub
+ <jim-crow> for example it calls trivfs_io_server function, but I can't find its implementation
+ <jim-crow> that's my main question :-)
+ <neal> look at the files mig generates
+ <jim-crow> neal: ok, thanks
+ <jim-crow> neal: is this functions where actually stubs are called?
+ <neal> I think so.