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+<a name="smallhacks"></a>
## Small hack entries
Here is a list of small hacks, which can serve as entries into the Hurd code for
people who would like to dive into the code but just lack a "somewhere to begin
+* Create a Wiki page with all presentations about the Hurd. Many are referenced here in the Wiki, but they are not easy to find.
+ ([[!taglink open_issue_documentation]])
* Add `UTIME_NOW` and `UTIME_OMIT`. It is a matter of taking the BSD values, add the `#define`s to the proper header, and implement the support in `*_S_file_utimes` functions. Flávio Cruz has submitted a patch, now being polished.
See also [[!debbug 762677]].
* Some translators do not support [[hurd/fsysopts]], i.e. support for the
@@ -107,7 +110,6 @@ part:1:file:/home/samy/tmp/foo`). This would be libnetfs-based.
* Improve our [[FUSE library|hurd/libfuse]].
* Add a relatime or lazytime option to ext2fs.
* Fix our [[open_issues/symlink_translator]].
-* Fix chmod on fifos: mkfifo foo ; sudo chmod g+w foo
* Strengthen httpfs: it should append '/' to URL automatically, it should not fallback index.html itself, etc. probably a lot more small easy issues.
* Fix `O_NOATIME`, see <>
* Add a /dev/rtc device