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-# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-01
- <rekado> I'm new to the hurd but I'd love to learn enough to work on sound
- support.
- <rekado>
- says drivers should be ported to GNU Mach as a first step.
- <rekado> Is this information still current or should the existing Linux
- driver be wrapped with DDE instead?
- <auronandace> if i recall correctly dde is currently only being used for
- network drivers. i'm not sure how much work would be involved for sound
- or usb
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-02
- <rekado> The sound support proposal
- (
- recommends porting some other kernel's sound driver to GNU Mach. Is this
- still current or should DDE be used instead?
- <pinotree> rekado: dde or anything userspace-based is generally preferred
- <braunr> rekado: both are about porting some other kernel's sound driver
- <braunr> dde is preferred yes
- <rekado> This email says that sound drivers are already partly working with
- DDE:
- <rekado> So, should I just try to get some ALSA kernel parts to compile
- with DDE?
- <pinotree> well, what is missing is also the dde←→hurd glue
- <braunr> rekado: there is also a problem with pci arbitration
- <rekado> pinotree: I assumed DDEKit works with the hurd and we could use
- any DDE/<other kernel> glue code with it
- * rekado looks up pci arbitration
- <pinotree> only for networking atm
- <rekado> ah, I see.