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-[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014 Free Software Foundation,
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-is included in the section entitled [[GNU Free Documentation
-[[!meta title="Fix and Complete File Locking Support"]]
-Over the years, [[UNIX]] has acquired a host of different file locking mechanisms.
-Some of them work on the Hurd, while others are buggy or only partially
-implemented. This breaks many applications.
-The goal is to make all file locking mechanisms work properly. This requires
-finding all existing shortcomings (through systematic testing and/or checking
-for known issues in the bug tracker and mailing list archives), and fixing
-them. The biggest missing feature is record locking, i.e. the lockf variant,
-which needs a complete implementation.
-This task will require digging into parts of the code to understand how file
-locking works on the Hurd. Only general programming skills are required.
-A preliminary patch is [[!GNU_Savannah_patch 332 desc="available"]].
-Possible mentors: Samuel Thibault (youpi)
-Exercise: Find one of the existing issues, either by looking at the task/bug
-filed on [[open_issues/file_locking]], on
-trackers on savannah, or by trying things out yourself; and take a go at it.
-Note though that most of these issues are probably not trivial -- it's quite
-likely that you won't be able to actually fix any of them in the time available
-during the application process. However, you might be able to spot something
-else that could be improved while looking into this.
-If after trying for a while you haven't found anything easy enough to improve
-in the locking-related code, talk to us about some alternative exercise task.
-Perhaps you actually find something you could do while looking through the bug
-tracker or trying stuff yourself in search of locking issues :-)