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[[!meta title="Use Internet Protocol Translators (ftpfs etc.) as Backends for Other Programs"]]
@@ -19,8 +19,9 @@ Download protocols like FTP, HTTP, BitTorrent etc. are very good candidates for
this kind of modularization: a program could simply use the download
functionality by accessing FTP, HTTP etc. translators.
-There is already an ftpfs translator in the Hurd tree, as well as an [httpfs
-translator on hurdextras](; however,
+There is already an [[hurd/translator/ftpfs]] translator in the Hurd tree, as
+well as an [[hurd/translator/httpfs]] on
+[hurdextras](; however,
these are only suitable for very simple use cases: they just provide the actual
file contents downloaded from the URL, but no additional status information
that are necessary for interactive use. (Progress indication, error codes, HTTP