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@@ -23,7 +23,9 @@ servers in one Hurd instance with gdb running on another Hurd
instance. You can run the X window system, applications that use it,
and advanced server applications like the Apache webserver.
-[[!img hurd-fvwm-screenshot-2009-11-12.png size=300x225 alt="fvwm running on GNU/Hurd" title="fvwm running on GNU/Hurd"]]
+[[!img hurd-fvwm-screenshot-2009-11-12.png size=300x
+alt="FVWM and Gnumeric running on GNU/Hurd"
+title="FVWM and Gnumeric running on GNU/Hurd"]]
On the negative side, the support for character devices (like sound
cards) and other hardware is mostly missing. Although the POSIX