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This page is a place to keep track of such changes.
+[[!toc startlevel=2 levels=1]]
## Protected payloads
Protected payloads are a way of optimizing the receiver object lookup
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* <>
* <>
+## Interface for userspace drivers
+We need to provide an interface suitable for implementing drivers in
+* A way to handle interrupts
+* and a way to allocate memory suitable for DMA buffers
+### Required ABI changes
+None. This is a new interface. Debian/Hurd uses a non-standard rpc
+id, so we do not change an existing procedure there.
+### Status
+A DDE-based solution is used in Debian/Hurd to provide network
+drivers. A rump kernel prototype is implemented. These use a kernel
+interface written by Zheng Da available in the
+"master-user_level_drivers" branch in the GNU Mach repository.
+### Discussions
+* <>