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@@ -15,21 +15,21 @@ We're in! The GNU Hurd project is again participating in the [Google Summer of
Code]( under the [GNU
As of Monday, 2013-04-22 it's the *student application period*. This will last
until [Friday,
2013-05-03](, which
is plenty of time for preparing and discussing your applications -- but please
don't wait to the last minute!
This year's *student application period* is over. Thanks for sending in your
applications! We're now reviewing and discussing these, so please pay
attention to any questions posted on your proposal's page. The Google site's
notification system should be sending out emails, too.
As we only have finite resources (meaning that we won't be able to accept all
GNU Hurd applications even if we wanted to), we will eventually need to make a
choice about whom to select. For this, it is a very good idea to be in contact
@@ -58,16 +58,12 @@ establish and get used to different communication channels.
boring as it is, but the next step is waiting: we will have to wait for Google
to announce the number of slots that the whole GNU project gets, and we'll be
discussing with our GNU peers about how to split these up among all the GNU
# Possible projects
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Welcome to... [[!img /logo/boxes-redrawn.png link=/logo]] ... the GNU Hurd!
-[[!template id=highlight text="""**Breaking News**
-The **Google Summer of Code 2013** is on! If you're a student, consider
-applying for a GNU Hurd project -- details to be found on our
-*[[community/GSoC]] page*."""]]
* **[[Home|/index]]**