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+Working distributions of GNU/Hurd:
* [[Debian]]
+GNU/Hurd distributions in early stages of development:
* [[Gentoo]]
-* [[Bee]]
* [[GNU]]
+<!-- Bee GNU/Hurd doesn't seem to exist anymore.
+* [[Bee]]
# Issues
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Unofficial port to Gentoo and the portage system. It was
March 17, 2003 in the Gentoo forums. There's a #gentoo-irc channel similar to
-[[IRC]]. At present (May 2005), there's no activity and Eric Olinger has not
-the time to maintain this distri.
+### State of the GGH, 2009-05
+> *Did you work a bit more on the Gentoo GNU/Hurd?*
+I tried to resume my work 3-4 months ago but I found some problems with
+portage and python functions not implemented on Hurd so I stopped. I think
+that back in 2006 with portage 2.0.54 those functiones weren't necessary.
+> *And do you have some information which might help others advance what you began?*
+I just have all the ebuilds and binary packages I merged online on
+To continue my work just take a Debian/Hurd and install portage by hand.
+Once there take the profile and start bootstraping portage and all the
+ebuild it needs (patch, python, bzip2...).
+The major problems are:
+- combine the perfect gcc/binutils/glibc/gnumach/hurd and to be able to boot
+- lack of development on gnumach/hurd and current 'degraded' status.
+I don't think I can help much right now, but if you have any other
+question just write me.