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This is a dumping ground for open issues.
-If you register a new issue, please supply some suitable [[tag
-directive|ikiwiki/directive]]s to make sure that your report shows up on the
-relevant lists of open issues. Tags that are currently in active use are the
-[[!map pages="tag/* and !tag/*/* and !tag/open_issue_mach"
-Most of them should be self-explanatory. *fixed_in_debian* is used to tag
-items that have been fixed in the [[Debian GNU/Hurd|hurd/running/debian]]
-distribution, but not yet in the upstream sources.
@@ -35,3 +23,9 @@ rootpage="open_issues" postformtext="Add a new item titled:"]]
hurd/running/debian/porting/* or tagged(open_issue*)) and !tag/* and
+The following [[!iki ikiwiki/directive/tag desc=tags]] are actively used at the
+[[!map pages="tag/* and !tag/*/* and !tag/open_issue_mach"