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Elaborate a bit on ports and hardware compatibility.
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-GNU Mach runs on x86 machines (it does not support 64-bit machines). GNU
-Mach is currently used by the GNU [[Hurd]].
+GNU Mach is currently used by the GNU [[Hurd]].
GNU Mach remains compatible with Mach 3.0.
The majority of GNU Mach's device drivers are from Linux 2.0. They were
added using glue code, i.e., a Linux emulation layer in Mach.
+GNU Mach runs on x86 machines. See the
+[[hardware_compatibility_list|hardwarecompatibilitylist]] and information about
+[[ports]] to other architectures.
# Related Links
* [[Building]]
* [[RevivalProject]] - GNU Mach Projects
-* [[HardwareCompatibilityList]]
-* [[Ports]] - Ports to other Architectures