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# Regular Meetings
Starting in early 2008, there have been regular IRC meetings held between the
-(now former) [[community/GSoC]] students and their mentors. These continue to
-take place even that the [[Google_Summer_of_Code_2008|community/gsoc/2008]] is
-over, and still take place, currently **every Wednesday at 10:00 UTC in the `#hurd`
-channel**. Of course, the meetings are not only for (former) GSoC students and
-mentors, but open to any interested party. So, everyone, take your chance to
-chat with GNU Hurd developers!
+(now former) [[Google Summer of Code|community/gsoc]] students and their
+mentors. These meetings turned out to considerably help student-mentor
+interactions, and other developers regularely took part, too. For this reason,
+we decided to continue having these meetings, even if it's not currently Google
+Summer of Code time. The meetings take place in the **`#hurd` channel every
+Monday and Thursday at 10:30 UTC** and are open to any interested party. So,
+everyone, take your chance to chat with GNU Hurd developers!
# Channels