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document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or
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Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license
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@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ computing environment as possible.
[[!toc levels=2]]
-## News
+# News
pages="news/* and !*/discussion"
@@ -56,24 +56,18 @@ developers' musings have a look at the [[shared weblog|community/weblogs]].
The [[recent changes]] page lists the latest changes of this website.
-## Contributing
+# Contributing
-To help the Hurd you can for example (from high level stuff to the inner core)
-* [[Contribute_to_these_web_pages|contributing/web_pages]],
-* [[Run_a_GNU/Hurd_system|index#run]] and help others get their systems running,
-* [[Port_applications|hurd/running/debian/porting]] to work in Hurd,
-* Write [[translators|hurd/translator]] to extend the Hurd,
-* Work on the [[Hurd_on_Mach|contributing#hurd_on_mach]], or
-* Help to port the Hurd [[to_a_modern_microkernel|contributing#hurd_on_modern_microkernel]].
+So, you are interested in contributing to the GNU Hurd project? Welcome!
+Every single contribution is very much encouraged. Please read our [[detailed
+recommendations about how to contribute|contributing]].
See our [[source_repositories]] for the source code.
-Read about ways to contribute [[in_more_detail|contributing]].
-## Getting Help
+# Getting Help
-There are a couple of different [[Hurd_FAQs|hurd/FAQ]].
+There are a couple of different [[FAQ lists|FAQ]].
There are a number of [[IRC_channels|IRC]] and several
different [[mailing lists]] with searchable archives.
@@ -82,8 +76,9 @@ answer your own question using a search engine and reading the introductory
information. If you have done this and you cannot find the answer to your
question, feel free to ask on a mailing list or on IRC.
<a name="run"> </a>
-## Running the Hurd
+# Running the Hurd
The most functional distribution of the Hurd is the one provided by Debian.
Find more information about it at the
@@ -100,7 +95,7 @@ And these web pages are a living proof of the usability of the Hurd, as they
are rendered on a [[Debian_GNU/Hurd|hurd/running/debian]] system.
-## Current Status
+# Current Status
There has not yet been an official 1.0 release. The Hurd is developed by a few
volunteers in their spare time. The project welcomes any assistance you can provide.
@@ -122,20 +117,15 @@ For more details, please read our writeup on the
-### Advantages and Challenges
+## Advantages and Challenges
The GNU Hurd operating system design provides [[advantages]], but uncovers new
[[challenges]], too.
-## How is this site arranged?
-The menu on the upper right corner provides a rough structuring about the
-available content. Just follow those topics and explore these pages.
+These pages are powered by [ikiwiki](
Further information about this site and how it was created can be found in the
-These pages are powered by [ikiwiki](