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@@ -73,11 +73,12 @@ The most functional distribution of the Hurd is the one provided by Debian.
Find more information about it at the
[Debian GNU/Hurd website](
-There are [[various_possibilities|hurd/running]] of running a GNU/Hurd system. Some are
+Along with it there are [[various_ways|hurd/running]] to run a GNU/Hurd system.
+Three of them are
* installing a [[GNU/Hurd_distribution|hurd/running/distrib]],
* running it [[in_Xen|microkernel/mach/gnumach/ports/xen]] and
-* starting a [[qemu_image|hurd/running/qemu]] or [[LiveCD|hurd/running/live_cd/]].
+* starting a [[Hurd_qemu_image|hurd/running/qemu]] or [[HUrd_LiveCD|hurd/running/live_cd/]].
And these web pages are a living proof of the usability of the Hurd, as they
are rendered on a [[Debian_GNU/Hurd|hurd/running/debian]] system.