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+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-11-12:
+ <sea4ever> So hurd implements a 'transparent translator' somewhere which
+ just passes all IO calls to the posix IO I'm used to? (i.e. read, write,
+ open, close, etc.?)
+ <youpi> it's the normal way of operation
+ <youpi> glibc's read() doesn't do a system call, it always does an RPC to
+ the underlying translator
+ <youpi> be it ext2fs for /, or your foobarfs for your node
+ <sea4ever> Ok that makes sense. How does one program know which translator
+ it should refer to though?
+ <sea4ever> the read() call magically knows which process to invoke?
+ <youpi> the / translator is always known
+ <youpi> and then you ask /'s translator about /home, then /home/you, then
+ /home/you/foobar
+ <youpi> it tells you which other translator tyou have to contact
+ <youpi> that's on open
+ <sea4ever> It's a tree! Ok.
+ <youpi> the notion of fd is then simply knowing the translator
+ <sea4ever> Right. 'file descriptor' is now 'translator address descriptor'
+ maybe.
+ <youpi> it's glibc which knows about FDs, nothing else knows
+ <youpi> yes
+ <youpi> actually an RPC port, simply
+ <sea4ever> I want to try out the new RPC mechanism that mach implements
+ <youpi> err, which "new" RPC ?
+ <youpi> mach's RPCs are very old actually :)