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The Hurd team doesn't create hurd-only releases, but instead relies
-on a distribution done by folks from Debian.
+on a distribution done by folks from **Debian**.
That Debian version closely tracks the progress of the Hurd
(and often includes many new features),
so little would be gained by creating an official pure Hurd release.
-The Debian GNU/Hurd [[distribution|running/debian]] offers livecds and qemu images
+The Debian GNU/Hurd [[distribution|running/debian]] offers **livecds and qemu images**
to test-drive the Hurd in a real life system with access to about
50% of the Debian software archive.
@@ -31,6 +31,6 @@ the Hurd is sufficently stable and feature
complete. If an official release of the Hurd were made
now, people would try the Hurd and be disappointed. People
already expect delays; to disappoint them in this way as
-well would be unfortunate. Moreover, it lessens the
-possibility that they will try the Hurd again in the future.
+well would be unfortunate. Moreover, it would lessen the
+possibility that they would want to try the Hurd again in the future.