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Add steps to prevent ./native-install hang due to low memory in qemu
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Now at his point do the regular install using `hd0` as your harddrive. Partition it and install the base system. Once you have finished installing the base system select the reboot option as this will ensure the disk is properly un-mounted. When the Debian CD menu comes up again simply close QEMU.
Now run your image with floppy booting (`-boot a`) and finish the install (`./native-install` .. etc).
+You'll want to add more memory or activate swap for `./native-install` or it will hang.
+Starting qemu with `-m 512` worked for me.
+Swap can be activated like this (replace hd0s2 with your swap partition):
+ $ cd /dev/
+ $ MAKEDEV hd0s2 in /dev/ for the swap device
+ $ /hurd/mach-defpager
+ $ swapon /dev/hd0s2
**Important:** Older versions on gnumach needed that the `-M isapc` was passed to qemu. This is not needed anymore.