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-There is an effort to create a completely new system design (for now called
-ngHurd, or Hurd-ng or HurdNG), which originated from the Hurd/L4 port.
-The original Hurd/L4, which was meant to be mostly a direct port of the
-existing Hurd design to a new microkernel, has been abandoned by it's main
-developers, because some technical issues with the L4 Pistachio kernel turned
-out to be very fundamental. While reeveluating the design (and upcoming new L4
-variants), the developers picked up some new ideas, and decided that now they
-rather want to work on a completely different design, which combines some of
-the original Hurd ideas with concepts from Jonathan Shapiro's high security
-EROS and Coyotos systems.
-There has been numerous endless discussions on the
-[[l4-hurd_mailing_list|mailinglists]] about these new ideas. This page tries to
-sum up the major discussions.
+Hurd-ng is an effort to build a new operating system that preserves
+the main design goals of the Hurd while fixing some of the Hurd's
+shortcomings. There is not yet an official roadmap or a concrete
+specification; indeed, much of the work is research oriented.
+These pages try to summarize the major discussions and ideas.
+* [[History]]
# Why ngHurd