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<braunr> and they could almost readily use our libfuse version
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-01
+ <pinotree> our libfuse implementation is still basic atm (there's a wiki
+ page about it)
+ <alsuren> okay... talk to me about FUSE
+ <pinotree> even with the improvements i have in my public branch, it still
+ cannot do real-world fs'es
+ <alsuren> okay, so you're the person to ask about FUSE
+ <alsuren> it strikes me that HURD not having FUSE support is a bit of an
+ architectural oversight
+ <pinotree> i'm not sure what's your point about fuse, since what fuse on
+ linux (and not only) does is done *natively* by the hurd
+ <alsuren> exactly
+ <pinotree> all of the hurd filesystems (which are just a type of servers)
+ run in userspace already
+ <alsuren> so FUSE should Just Work
+ <pinotree> well no
# Source
[[source_repositories/incubator]], libfuse/master.