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<braunr> i'll stick with ide for now, but at least setting sata with
libvirt was quite easy to do
<braunr> so we can easily switch later
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-22
+ <teythoon> youpi: do I need to do anything to enable the ahci driver?
+ gnumach 1.4 should include it, right?
+ <youpi> it should, yes
+ <youpi> make sure to put your board in ahci mode, not raid mode
+ <youpi> (and not ata mode)
+ <teythoon> youpi: hm, I will try to do so
+ <teythoon> youpi: does the driver print anything to the console?
+ <youpi> teythoon: yes, AHCI SATA 00:04.0 BAR 0xfebf1000 IRQ 11
+ <teythoon> youpi: well, the bios has two modes of operation, 'raid' and
+ 'ide', I selected 'ide'
+ <youpi> ergl
+ <teythoon> youpi: hm, I think my board has no ahci controller, linux uses
+ the sata_via module to talk to it :/
+ <youpi> ah :/