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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Another option is to do the port at a different layer: port the Hurd servers to
not run on the GNU Mach microkernel, but instead on top of [[another
microkernel|which_microkernel]]. Or, even by providing a Mach emulation layer
on top of a monolithic kernel. For example, there could be a port for [[having
-Mach run as a POSIX user-space process|service_solahart_jakarta_selatan__082122541663/mach_on_top_of_posix]], or
+Mach run as a POSIX user-space process|open_issues/mach_on_top_of_posix]], or
by implementing the [[Mach IPC|microkernel/mach/ipc]] facility (as well as
several others) as Linux kernel modules. While there have been some
experiments, no such port has been completed yet.