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contributing/web_pages/news/qoth_next: Clarify cthreads to pthreads conversion.
This is not about language bindings. And in fact, low-level Mach bindings would be largely preferable to just wrapping the Hurd libraries.
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-At the end of the last 2 quarters, Samuel Thibault pushed the [pthread
-patches]( from
-Vicente Hernando Ara, Barry deFreese, Thomas DiModica, Thomas Schwinge,
-Richard Braun and Samuel and others to the different upstream packages, finally
-enabling modern pthreads for the Hurd, which makes it possible to implement
-full Hurd bindings for languages which require pthreads. So for example
-[PyHurd]( can profit from the Hurd
-libraries instead of having to rely on low-level Mach bindings to implement
-Hurd features like translators.
-The switch to pthreads has been attempted multiple times, but in the past it
-always hit some tricky issues which proved to be a roadblock. Last year,
-Richard Braun took up the task again and finished the transition of the Hurd
-libraries and glibc to pthreads with libpthread.
+In November 2012, we finished the [libthreads (cthreads) to libpthread (POSIX
+Converting the Hurd libraries to the [[pthread interfaces|libpthread]] allows
+linking them together with other libraries that use this standard threading
+interface themselves. This project
+[once]( was
+begun by Vicente Hernando Ara, and later continued by Barry deFreese, Thomas
+DiModica, Thomas Schwinge, Samuel Thibault, Pino Toscano, and now brought to
+completion by Richard Braun, who could not be scared by having to resolve the
+last remaining tricky issues before the transition could be completed.
As followups, Thomas Schwinge [debugged and
fixed]( a